Illegal Immigration: Anchor Babies

Immigration protest 4

Immigration protest 4 (Photo credit: Stephen C. Webster)

Why is illegal immigration a taboo topic? Because you can’t say too much about it, without igniting passionate responses. In recent news, it was revealed that a mansion in Chino Hills, California, was home to foreign mothers who wanted to give birth in America, guaranteeing the citizenship of the child, and use of tax-payer resources. Sneaky, sneaky, but not illegal. If there is one place that has immigration issues, it’s California. But instead of having a blanket conversation about immigration reform, let’s stick to one issue, that may prove to be a microcosm of the bigger picture: “Anchor Babies.”

Let me caption this convo by saying, immigration is NOT a Mexican slash Latino issue. It is an issue of a person, regardless of country of origin, illegally entering into America. Period. Can I just emphasize ILLEGALLY! With that said, we cannot use illegal behavior to demean or marginalize a particular race. That would be racist and unproductive.

The 14th amendment was established to protect the citizenship of native-born children of free slaves. But now, opponents say illegals seem to be taking advantage and redirecting its intent and purpose. Those who oppose this practice highlight its crippling drain on the American economy, not to mention, the blatant slap-in-the-face it poses to Americans who live in this country and pay taxes, and tuition, and medical bills. I could go on. But I’ll let the statistics speak for themselves: in California, non-residents cost tax payers billions in incarceration. Illegal aliens give birth to over 300,000 children annually. How much do you think this costs public hospitals?  Hospitals, including those in California report 70% of their deliveries are to non-residents. The Center for Immigration studies estimates nearly $2 billion dollars goes to illegal immigrants annually, in the form of food stamps and other benefits. Since we’re talking about kids let’s talk about education. FAIR estimates that in education, over $1 billion is spent on illegals annually.

It’s quite genius actually. If you wanted to go to a place where you could have kids and make sure they’re well taken care of, at the expense of someone else, where would you go? Ummmm…let me think…aaahhhhh, America. Of course this is not how most people who have anchor babies think, is it? I would hope not. But if you were on the other side of the American dream, what would you do?

Proponents of this practice say that illegal immigrants and their children have a right to decency, dignity, humanity, and simply want a way to contribute to their families and society. This contribution to tax payers comes in the form of investing, consumption, job creation, and increased productivity.

We must figure out a way to be compassionate to children, without ripping the 14th amendment to shreds. As always, the answer lies somewhere in between. After all, a great prophet once said: “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.” This isn’t about spewing racially charged statements at people, it is about making fundamental policy changes that will shore up the loophole in the leaking economic infrastructure. Because with this burden virtually incapacitating the heart of the American economy, no one will want to come here, illegal, or not! And that my friends, is not a game!

QDN- Staff Writer


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