Taboo Topics

Physician_auscultating     Not Your Grandmother’s Medicine!

At first glance this sounds like some kinky futuristic love triangle. But it’s actually a new taboo topic making headway, and a trend rising among, gasp, women. And with the recently released movie “The Sessions” starring John Hawkes, William H. Macy and Helen Hunt as the sex surrogate, it’s gaining traction.

Sexual healing? Legal prostitution? Not so fast. That’s exactly what it is, sort of. Sexual surrogacy is allegedly a therapeutic method aimed at relieving sexual dysfunction. It involves talk therapy, behavior modification, and…wait for it…sex. That’s right, you can now pay for sex with a complete stranger and claim medicinal purposes. Critics slam the remedy for the possibility of patients growing emotionally attached to their surrogate, therefore leaving them not only with a sudden desire for Viagra, but also vulnerable. Others, who actually struggle with long-term, deep-rooted sexual issues, praise the method and call it life changing. Regardless of its potential benefit and downfalls, and Hollywood nod, there seems to be no laws against it (according to the IPSA, the International Professional Surrogates Association based in Los Angeles, website), so for now, it’s here to stay. Anyone know the number to a good “john,” ahem, I mean, therapist?

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