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Posted on December 14, 2012


Robert Griffin III - Eagles vs Redskins 11/18/2012

Robert Griffin III – Eagles vs Redskins 11/18/2012 (Photo credit: Matthew Straubmuller)

RG3 is a quarterback for the Washington Redskins. He is the 2011 Heisman Trophy recipient. His awards, honors, and accolades are too extensive to list. He is all these things, and yes he is black. Why in the heck are we talking about his race? ESPN suspended Rob Parker for the comments he made about quarterback Robert Griffin III. The controversial conversation surrounded Parker’s take on Griffin’s “blackness.”

The backlash re-opened a touchy narrative about black athletes, the stereotypes they’re burdened with, the predetermined formula they’re pigeon-holed into, that they try so desperately to escape.

If you are a black athlete, the snare of your heritage bleeds onto the field. Don’t believe me? Ask Tiger. Ok that’s obvious. Ask Gabby Douglas. Ask the NFL players who are likened to convicts. Ask NBA players who are compared to thugs (Yea, they may act like one at times, Malice at the Palace anyone?). Regardless, the media must resist the temptation to link a type of behavior to race, but instead attribute actions to individual character. We don’t have to forget or pretend not to notice RG3 is black. But we do have to ask ourselves, is that all he is? Is that what and who he is first? So let’s get off race and get back on the field, because quite frankly everything else is a clichéd distraction!


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