Gun Control: The Debate Re-Loaded

Posted on December 14, 2012


The SKS is a semi-automatic Russian rifle

The SKS is a semi-automatic Russian rifle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

NEWTOWN, CT – In the wake of a surge of mass shootings, wreaking havoc on American citizens, most recently children, loaded questions arise. What legislative measures surrounding gun control, can we take to stop the madness? Critics against stricter laws surrounding firearms speculate that if more individuals had the right to carry guns, it would equalize the playing field when mass shootings occur. While others fire shots at what they perceive to be the root of the problem: limiting access, use, and ease of obtaining firearms, especially semi-automatic weapons. The answers lie somewhere in between.

As the list of the victims from the Connecticut school shooting are released to the public, as we shutter and cringe at the photos, perhaps, some way, somehow, the people in the position of power will come to a definitive medium. Until then, we still find ourselves, on both sides of the allegorical barrel of a gun. We urge leaders to think deeper than 2nd Amendment posturing. Deeper than political placating. We urge them, we beg them, with the weary tone of  “For God’s sake” in our voices. To do something, to do anything. To devise a solution, that moves us, as a nation, in the direction of preventing this, the death of 20 children from a mass shooting, from ever, ever, happening again. Friday morning a line was crossed, our hearts were broken, our breaking points shattered. Politicians take note! Our children. Our neighbors children. The children of our fellow Americans. Our children were attacked, and inaction, is no longer an option!

QDN- Staff Writer

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