Ice-T Disrespected!!!!!

Posted on December 11, 2012


Nicole Austin and Ice-T at the Billboard-Child...

Nicole Austin and Ice-T at the Billboard-Children Uniting Nations after-party red carpet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

NEW YORK – Who would dare disrespect the “T-Master”? Apparently the wife he loves so much. The fury stemmed from some questionable photos that popped up on Instagram of CoCo and another rapper. One photo shows the rapper kissing CoCo on the cheek, and the more steamy one  shows the rapper’s face buried in her neck, the Daily Mail reports. Ooooohhh Snap!

The pictures have since been taken down, and the couple has already been spotted together. We’re sure this is just bump in the road, and the couple will come out stronger than ever. If there’s one valuable lesson to be learned, it’s don’t disrespect the “Tea”. Someone pass the lemon and sugar please!

QDN- Staff Writer


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