Syria’s Chemical Weapons are Locked and Loaded into Bombs!

Posted on December 6, 2012


WMD world map

WMD world map (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SYRIA – Oh Shizz! It’s on yet AGAIN in the Middle East! U.S. officials have reported that  Syrian bombs have been loaded with deadly nerve gas. This marks the 60 day countdown until the mixture expires and must be destroyed. International eyes have been on the civil war struck country since the uprising began 20 months ago. Will President Assad give the order to use WMD‘s on his own people? Syria will not confirm that they even have chemical weapons (yea freakin’ right), and insists they wouldn’t. One thing’s for sure, if they do, the hand of the Western world will come down hard. The world is watching. Stay tuned.

Should the U.S. even care or be involved?

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