Angus T. Jones catches HEAT from CBS CEO Les Moonves

Posted on December 5, 2012


English: Angus T. Jones at a ceremony for Jon ...

English: Angus T. Jones at a ceremony for Jon Cryer to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in September 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

LOS ANGELES – Check out Moonves‘ pointed words for Jones below: “We took this boy [Jones] who started with us when he was eight years old, and it seems to be what happens with child stars over the course of time,” Moonves said. “He’s now making over $300,000 per week, which is not a bad salary for a 19-year-old kid, and he went on a religious channel and urged people not to watch the show because it was filth. By the way, he’s still collecting his $300,000 per week.” Wow! He called him a BOY. Now that’s what I call  ‘READING’ someone! You didn’t expect to trash the show without the good ole boys from the corner office retaliating did you Jonsie? Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Or at least wait until the show is cancelled and well into syndication. Just sayin’.

QDN – Staff Writer

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